The Alchemy Spirit Program

Struggling with the direction of your professional and personal life? The Alchemy Spirit Program may be exactly what you need! It is inspired by my own transformational journey!

From time to time, we all hit a snag, lull, or uncertainty in both our professional and personal life. Maybe you have an old belief that is holding you back and the story keeps repeating. Maybe your confidence feels shot due to lack of progress. Maybe you're frustrated because your voice is not being heard. Maybe you've always felt like the 'underdog'. Or Maybe you are finding change very difficult to manage alone.

Whether you’re considering a makeover in your personal life or need someone to help you figure out how to bring some fresh air into what you’re currently doing, the solution is The Alchemy Spirit Program. This Program is a one-on-one Individual Coaching.

How can the program help?

For starters, sometimes the most helpful thing you can do is talk with someone else. An unbiased opinion can open up your eyes to possibilities you never before considered.


Likewise, if you are feeling disconnected from what you want in yourself and what you are actually doing in your life, it may be a time for you to reflect on the discrepancy. This, of course, can be difficult to navigate. What is hindering you from reaching your goal? How do you start the transformation? What else do you need to consider to continue your progress?


Finally, there are times when you simply need to improve a specific area in your life or to develop leadership abilities. In each of these situations, this Program can help you explore possibilities you might not have realized were out there.

I’m an experienced Coaching Professional who can help reshape your perspective into a healthy and productive one. I’ll help you develop the habits and skills to effectively deal with the challenges and emotional moments you may encounter in business and life. The Program is for you if...

You are experiencing a lack of direction or have a sense of floundering;

You want to increase your self confidence;

You want to understand what is holding you back from achieving your desired objectives;

You want an action plan that will set you up for both professional and personal success;

You are ready to invest in yourself and to make the positive change you deserve.

The Alchemy Spirit Program includes:

  • 8 sixty minutes sessions during the 4 month program, which includes private meetings (via Zoom or Teams, if remote).

  • Four 20 minute "necessity sessions" to be used over the 4 month program for when unexpected situations come up in between sessions.

  • UNLIMITED email and text support so that we can keep you progressing between sessions.

  • Customized assignments and worksheets to shift your mindset and energy.

  • BONUS GIFT: One additional Success Assessment & debrief (USD $297 value)

The 5 Levels of The Alchemy Spirit Program


Tap into the first level by understanding the “WHY,” define YOUR VALUES, so you can disconnect with your SELF. Stop saying "I don't know how" and START saying "I can do it, have it".


Understand your WANTS AND NEEDS. Begin to shift your mind away from "I know what I want, BUT...". Exercises and workbooks will be employed at this level to start your change. Begin to explore what needs to happen.


At this level we begin to develop plans for change, delve into your limitations, and expand on your true objectives that you want to achieve. 


Implement the change. CONNECT with your new SELF and externalize your abundance. Prepare to cultivate your new emotions to the change and how you can manage these reactions.


Evaluate progress and celebrate success. Understand what went well and START saying "I have what I want!"

Ready to get started?

My clients understand the power of commitment. They believe that the biggest investment they can make is in themselves. If this sounds like you, and you’re both committed and ready for the change within you, let's connect! We’ll discuss how I can support you through this journey. No matter where you are in your progress or geographic location, I will be there to support you all the way.

Are you ready for the next step? Then here’s how to get started:

First, click on APPLY NOW and fill out the form. I'll review your application.

Next, we'll schedule a chemistry session upon approval.

Finally, we'll start your transformational life & leadership process.


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