Rhys Li Coaching

Successful Communication for International Professionals to

Stop feeling awkward
Stop isolating yourself
Stop having low self confidence when dealing with someone outside your 'circle' 

Yeah, we’ve all been there. But you don’t have to stay there.


Let’s be real - it’s tough being the fish out of water, especially when you’re supposed to be a key asset for your company, not to mention a relatively competent human being. 


You can’t afford mistakes and misunderstandings at work…or at home. 


Because in order to find your success, communication is often the key. 

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Whether in your professional or personal life (or both), you might be feeling…

  • Confused, not sure what the rules are or how to act in this new place

  • Misunderstood, and not just because you’re not 100% fluent yet

  • Lonely and misjudged, causing you to build a metaphorical wall around yourself

  • Unable to lead like you’re expected to, and unable to shine like you want to

  • Anxious about your romantic partnership, because this puts a lot of stress on relationships

Figuring out how to navigate your way in a multi-culture world, in a way you can be true to yourself and win the respect and friendship of others, is a complex issue.

You need a guide to help you regain your confidence, make meaningful connections, and go from feeling like an outsider to an insider.

Hi, I’m Rhys Li, success coach for international professionals experiencing multicultural challenges. I’m here to help you figure out how to fit in when you can’t help but stand out.

For the record, my ancestry is from China and Myanmar; I was born in India, grew up in New York City (Queens!), and I am based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. That’s five sets of cultures I live with everyday.

Add in my wife's culture, that makes six sets of cultures at the table every time we sit down to dinner with my in-laws.

Helping individuals and international professionals to find their feet is my passion and my profession. I’ve literally been studying this my entire life, and I’ve also gotten an Executive MBA in leadership and personal development (from the Netherlands), trained in organizational coaching in Paris, and am a certified life coach.  

Having worked at an international consulting firm for 20 years and leading international teams, I've noticed that some individuals without a multicultural background performed and communicated better than others. Why is this so? I've studied this behavior and related to my own personal life and noticed they were doing things that were key not just in communication but towards a cultural context. So ...

I’ve developed The Successful Communication program to speed you through what it’s taken me 40+ years to learn. Skills like…

  • How to manage a multicultural and/or international team

  • Cultivating great working relationships with your colleagues

  • Building a community of belonging and acceptance

  • Making your voice heard

  • Dismantling your reactions to triggering culture clashes

  • The ability to adapt, but still remain yourself

  • Communicate clearly and kindly with your family members, especially when you're under stress

The Program is Planned for 4 Weeks to Take You Through a Journey

In 4 Weeks of 1:1 Coaching, you will:

Identify the first practical, real communication steps toward creating a HOME in your new environment that plays to your strengths and purpose

Find your individual, energetic self so you can break down that wall you’ve built up and strengthen your confidence to speak up

Get clarity on what is working, and why certain things aren’t working when it comes to communicating with others

Create an action plan to set yourself up for professional and personal success.


How This Works:

  • Timeline: 4 weeks, 1 60-min session per week (that’s 4 total). I find that 4 weeks is sufficient time to go through the journey of learning and unlearning so that you can take the experience with you after our 4 weeks together. Remember, Rome wasn’t built overnight!

  • 1:1 coaching, so we can focus on your specific situation and challenges together and in privacy. 1-on-1 coaching is the most effective way to get you to your goals and objectives. I will be your personal guide to take you through your journey.

  • Assessments to help us both understand your current situation from every angle. We can’t start the work without getting into the deep-end; and this step helps us build a solid foundation. 

  • Homework: Weekly worksheets to help you cultivate more resilience under stress.

  • In-between session support via email and virtual calls. Hey, Life happens! If you encounter a new situation that may impact your objectives and goals OR there is a situation where you can’t wait for our next session, I provide in-between-session support to get you back on track.

Total Time Commitment: 90 minutes per week (60-min call + homework), and daily practice

Investment: $ 295

Weekly Breakdown

Week 01

  • Our work together starts with you answering a few pre-session questions in the “getting to know you” form.

  • Identify the challenges that are blocking you from success in the cultural world.

  • Homework will be assigned that is to be completed before the start of the next session.

Week 02

  • Understand yourself on a deeper level, so you can communicate more effectively with others

  • Debrief on the week’s assignment so we can start building the ‘foundation’ to your journey.

Week 03

  • This is mindset week: we'll go over anything that is coming up for you as you put the techniques you learn into practice in the real world.

  • We will start to develop new effective communication strategies and attitudes, building courage, and developing new habits to get rid of any unhealthy mindset.

Week 04

  • Your final week is Integration! Try out your new skills in the real world with the training wheels off and report back.

  • We will check on the ‘foundation’ we’ve built in week 2 and see if there are areas that need further focus or just need a bit of tweaking so you can move forward.


Before working with Rhys, I was feeling overwhelmed and unclear about my goals for 2021, especially with my professional life. After working with Rhys, I had seen a shift in my energy and motivation when it comes to cultural differences that I faced. With his personal care, I now feel much more focused and clear on what my true goals are and how to tackle them.  His coaching style is very authentic and holistic. He helped me see things in a light that I have otherwise would've not seen.  I highly recommend Rhys if you are looking for a truly great coaching experience.” 


—  Beatriz A., HR Consultant / Entrepreneur

Not sure if this is for you?

“I’ve already tried to figure this out — I’ve done classes and courses before. How is this different?”

I know what you’ve tried, because I’ve tried it too…

  • Learning soft skills that I could not apply in practice

  • Reading about other people's success stories

  • Taking a course, or a webinar, on how to not make an ass out of yourself

And it didn’t work. Languages take a long time to learn, reading about a culture isn’t the same as living in it, and those Business Etiquette classes may work fine… until you get to Happy Hour with your workmates and a situation arises that the webinar did.not.cover.  


There’s also this other factor that 99.9% of training doesn’t mention — when you are struggling to find your place in another culture, you’re also likely to struggle with your own issues: Triggering situations, heightened emotions, lowered confidence (you might not feel like yourself anymore).

That said, the people who have had the most success in this program have a few things in common:

  • They’re interested in personal development and are ready to look at *themselves* not just everybody else.

  • They’re ready to go deep, because we don’t stay on the surface-level struggles, we look at what’s really going on for you. A lot of life-coaching goes into this.

  • They’re open to creating a new identity for themselves as an Successful Professional — and that takes real work!

This is probably not a good fit if you’re looking to work on your foreign language skills (I’m not a language teacher), don’t have 1 hour a week to commit to this, or expect a typical communication course to learn about general communication topics.


We get specific. This is all about YOU. Helping you overcome the specific challenges that come your way.

If you are tired of being on the outside looking in..


In your workplace…

With your peers…

With your partner, or inlaws


Then this is for you

Investment: $ 295

Have a question? I’m happy to answer it. Email me (rhys@yoursuccessyourlife.com) and I’ll give you my honest opinion on whether this program will get you where you need to go.