How I can support you...

I adopt a pragmatic and mindfulness focused approach to coaching. You can count on me to support you during your challenging moments.

Unlock Your Potential 

"When you UNLOCK your potential, your waking life will follow"

Discover and unravel your personal values and begin to align your life around them.  As a Certified Professional Coach and a Master Practitioner of Energy Leadership, the assessment employs a framework to identify your current state. 

The ABCs to Unlock Your Potential Program

The ABCs to Unlock Your Potential Program is a customized approach designed to help you to save time and agony so you can experience a sense of purpose and self-empowerment. It is an opportunity to gain more perspective on your professional and personal life. This can be important during transition period at work such as increased workload, moving into a leadership role, building a functional team, or improve work quality.

You’ll leave with an achievable transition plan that YOU can put to use to create the success YOU want on YOUR own terms.

We will work together to make it happen!

Here are the ABC steps to the program:


The assessment will provide information on your current situation so that we can perform a deep dive on how to achieve your goal.


We will explore your beliefs and behavior of your conscious mind so that we can focus on self-awareness and self management.


After we explore you beliefs, we will connect your new awareness to your goals so that you can rewire the mind for presence & resilience to create space to think clearly and release stress, anxiety and worry.


Create a clear plan of action that’s tailored specifically to your goal from lessons learned from the above steps so that you can begin to master your competencies such as:

  • Leadership effectiveness

  • Building strong leadership teams

  • Conflict avoidance and resolution

  • Building trust

  • Overcoming difficulties



A final assessment will be performed so that we can review your achievements and celebrate the NEW YOU.

The program is personalized to help high potential professionals and to assist those who need to bridge their leadership gaps. I employ a range of tools to provide the insight and awareness needed to create a meaningful plan with measurable goals:

  • Improve interpersonal skills

  • Go beyond beliefs and limitations

  • Align with your core values

  • Embrace feedback as an improvement tool

  • Improve decision making skills

  • Develop an adaptable management style

  • Implement achievable business strategies

  • Establish priorities and improve organizational skills

Your results will depend on your full commitment to yourself. 

What's included in the program:

  • 4 months/bi-weekly, 60 minutes session

  • Customized assignments and exercises

  • 2 Unlock Your Potential Assessments, with 90 minutes debrief 

  • Guided mindfulness exercises to gain clarity 

  • Unlimited access via voxer app for instant replies, depending on time zone

  • Unlimited email access

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