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Rhys Li - Coaching

I will be by your side to support you to get through the differences so you can understand, and prevent misunderstandings.

Over the years, I've worked with International Professionals and Third Culture Individuals who are dealing with cultural differences that created a fear to speak up, and diminished their self-esteem in their personal and professional life.

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My Approach

Depending on your coaching needs, the sessions will be tailored. As an MMS Certified Coach and a specialist in inter-culture, I use an integrated approach to identify and move you through your blocks. I will support you in making your vision, dream and goal become reality. Together we focus on the development of your ‘self’, the alignment of the ‘self’ with its core values, and the purposeful combination of key energies and elements to make positive results happen consistently. I use a multitude of evidence-based tools and assessments to get you to your goal. We therefore create the optimal and safe environment to discover, trust, and acceptance.

I work with all human facets: mind, feelings, being, intellect and intuition, and interpersonal aspects. I offer a Socratic method of questioning, unconditional support, a judgment-free environment and skilled listening to support you make choices that will help your dreams and goals to become reality.

I know and relate to the insecurities that arise in our professional and personal lives 

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This can make it very challenging to feel your best and to make inner-directed choices. As a result, feelings of doubt about how to take confident steps that allow you to make the most of your personal cultural experience. As a trained coach and a Third Culture Individual, I can help you get the insights and clarity you need to start your transformational journey.

I’ve created an approach that has helped me handle the differences through effective communication, eliminating the negative thoughts, and most importantly created a sense of belonging.


I was stuck between 2 choices that I needed clarity on. The choices I had to make had long-term life impact. After coaching with Rhys, I had much more clarity on what I needed. I felt that a heavy weight was lifted off of my chest. Through his coaching process, I've also learned about myself and what was holding me back. I feel like I am starting my transformational journey now! This was all possible through Rhys's coaching.” 


—  Swati G., Freelance Consultant

My 1-on-1 session lasts about 60 mins with an initial 30-minute in-take phone call to get to know each other another and discuss what you would like to accomplish in coaching. The pace and length of coaching sessions will depend on what works best for you.

Session fees is €80 (USD $95) per session. If you are interested on 1-on-1, please contact me. 

Throughout my experience as a coach and working in an international consulting firm, I've noticed that most conflict is caused by miscommunication. This lead me to create my signature program for individuals facing communication challenges. The program will take you through a journey of awareness, understanding, and development so you can have confidence when speaking, fit in socially, and have healthier conversations.


1-on-1 Coaching

You have a specific topic to be coached on? Then 1-on-1 coaching is your option. Our coaching session will run for about 60 minutes and will focus on the topic of your choice.

We will begin with a FREE 30 minutes initial session. Want to give it a try? Simply click 'Apply Now' below and fill out the form and I'll get back to you. Although I'm based in Amsterdam, my service extends to globally located individuals virtually.


I offer different payment packages for my 1-on-1 coaching. Please contact me for more information.

My Signature Program

If this sounds like you:

The cultural difference/conflict caused you to build a wall around yourself

You've feel like you don't fit in

There's so much misunderstanding between you and the other due to this culture difference

You've developed an unhealthy/negative emotions that is preventing you to socialize

You get agitated when you have to speak or deal with the person

You're facing culture challenges and conflict in your love and relationship

This might be for you:

Cultural Communication


I am a licensed partner to provide MMS Negaholics: Overcome Negativity, and Employee Owned Change    workshops. These workshops are created by Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, founder of MMS and the "Mother of Coaching".

The Negaholics workshop is an intensive 3 hour coaching to overcome negativity so you can be your optimal self. 

The Employee Owned Change    help organizations to build a cohesive team unit with the key people so that co-workers work together in a spirit of cooperation, and collaboration.

Interested in either one? Contact me for more information via rhys@yoursuccessyourlife.com



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1-on-1 Coaching Process

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Click on 'Apply Now' and fill out the form. I will review your application and I'll reach back to you to set up a convenient time for our initial FREE 30 minute chemistry call.

Chemistry Session

After we setup a time and date, we will begin our chemistry session. We will discuss your current situation and what your desired outcome is.


After our chemistry session, the transformational journey starts! This can take a few sessions or more depending on your desired outcome. The coaching process can be evaluated and changed at any time to ensure your goals are met.