Here's what clients are saying about their experiences with me.

Rhys Li Coaching Praise

"If you desire to dive deeper into what matters to you in your life, your values and how to not only have a list of values to lean on, but to actually live according to your values and how to get things done that matter to you, Rhys is a great coach to help you with just that. You will leave the sessions feeling excited about living your values and accomplishing those things that truly matter to you."

Aura J., Coach & Entrepreneur

"My interview was scheduled on very short notice, but Rhys coached me very well in a short period of time. We even scheduled meetings on the weekend. He is flexible, friendly and gives many good points. He actively followed up and took personal interest in my success. In the end, I did obtain the position, and based on the feedback I don't think I would have done it without Rhys." 

Rhys Li Coaching Praise

Torgier H., Patient Partnership

"Rhys's powerful coaching session made me able to accomplish something that I was procrastinating for several months, in just a few days! He inspires, empowers and creates space for me to hold a clear vision of where I really want to go, even if I did not realize that the place was within reach."

Chizu M., Lead Facilitator

"Rhys is an insightful, patient, thought-provoking and compassionate coach. He is non-judgemental, very open and has excellent listening skills. He immediately created a safe space for me to feel comfortable to speak in and had always some powerful questions to push me out of my comfort zone, which was truly appreciated. I recommend him 100%."

Rhys Li Coaching Praise

Aude G.,

Business Owner

Rhys Li Coaching Praise

"I was stuck between 2 choices that I needed clarity on. The choices I had to make had long-term life impact. After coaching with Rhys, I had much more clarity on what I needed. I felt that a heavy weight was lifted off of my chest. Through his coaching process, I've also learned about myself and what was holding me back. I feel like I am starting my transformational journey now! This was all possible through Rhys's coaching."

Sunita G.,

Freelance Consultant