Aura J., Coach & Entrepreneur

If you desire to dive deeper into what matters to you in your life, your values and how to not only have a list of values to lean on, but to actually live according to your values and how to get things done that matter to you, Rhys is a great coach to help you with just that. You will leave the sessions feeling excited about living your values and accomplishing those things that truly matter to you.

Ana G., Senior Manager

I worked with Rhys for a number of years. I have seen him in the office helping out junior staff members to become a better colleague and team leaders. He positioned these younger team members so that there is a sustainable career progression. The lessons learned from Rhys’ technique was also used in their personal life as further development for themselves.

Ana M. V., Senior Manager

Rhys is the person who can support you to identify your blocks in life. These blocks are key to your development. His people skills provides comfort and trust that we need in a coach. The questions he asks during the coaching session truly opens doors that you didn’t think existed. 

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