Me Time = Go Time

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As the new year rolls in, those who work in finance, accounting, auditing world, know this is the busy season. Working in consulting for the last 17 years taught me one thing about this time of the year. And that is, say goodbye to social life!

During the past year (with the pandemic and boredom of staying home), I dedicated a lot of my hours on work. I was constantly thinking about work and what my value is, if I wasn’t responding to emails constantly. Somehow, I am also lucky because for working parents, juggling work and family life can be very cumbersome. Whatever the reason maybe, whenever we feel low in motivation or energy, our mind and body is telling us to not only slow down, but to carve out some time for ‘me time’.

“Numerous surveys and studies confirm that occupational pressures and fears are far and away the leading source of stress for American adults and that these have steadily increased over the past few decades.”

~The American Institute of Stress

In today’s world, we feel that we can’t escape from anxiety, and stress (which can lead to depression). This year, we hear several athletes struggling with mental health issues that is preventing them from performing their best. I suffered from anxiety early this year and it felt as if I could not function as a normal person. I lost interest in almost everything.

So how can one carve out time for themselves (no matter how busy you are)?

First thing is to stop and take a deep breath! It is pencils down and just breathe. Recollect your thoughts (not about work assignments), but about your goal and your joys in life. If you can, spread your work out to others and trust the system that they will take care of it.

Next, it is time to think about yourself. Give yourself time and permission and say it is OK. Define what you need most right now. This is the beginning of your ‘me time.’ Defining what you need can be anything. It could be nourishing your energy through nutrition or exercise, increasing your hours of sleep, activities that bring you joy and happiness, being with people you enjoy spending time with, etc. Whatever it maybe, define it and devise a reasonable and achievable step to get it.

For me, it was being able to take time off to do things that brought joy into my life. It was spending time with friends and family to recoup my mental energy. By speaking to family and friends, it already brought me out of a world full of stress and into a world of familiarity and joy. I then allowed myself to do this every other day during the week so I can feel alive again.


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