Organization Coaching

To be competitive in the market, every organization holds valuable resources. For an organization to achieve its mission and values, it requires its employees to succeed. With Organizational Coaching, Your Success, Your Life holds the key to helping a company meet its goal.

The Mission of Your Success, Your Life

Our mission is to provide organizations, teams, and individuals with the understanding, abilities, and motivation to transform, lead and empower with purpose.

How Organizational Coaching Works.

Your Success, Your Life offers an integrated approach to the systemic facet behind communication, management, leadership, and empowerment within people. Rhys Li, Founder of Your Success, Your Life has earned an Executive MBA from Erasmus University and possesses the necessary organizational coaching skills from HEC Paris to take your business to the next level.

We will inspire you to view sustainable change in organizations from a new angle. The objective is to enable organizations to improve and sustain the necessary skills, and tools for successful growth within global, multicultural companies to capitalize on their own internal resources in order to create new solutions to problems they face.

Executive Coaching - Rhys Li

Projects we worked on:

  • Assisting Roche’s employees to grow their communication skills.
  • Improve interview skills for an individual which resulted in a job offer for a Roche employee.
  • Helping with the transition of keyboard members at P5, a leading French waste management company.

Examples of services I can provide to organizations include:​

  • Organizational coaching and development
  • Change management
  • Leadership
  • Business coaching

Our services are tailored to your organization’s change management and my results encompass the core values, culture, mission, and vision of the organization.

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