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Speak Up and Get Rid of Negative Emotions so YOU can Bridge the Cultural Gap

Over the years, I've worked with International Professionals and Third Culture Individuals who are dealing with cultural differences that created a fear to speak up, and diminished their self-esteem in your personal and professional life.

I will be by your side to support you to get through the differences so you can understand, and prevent misunderstandings.

Rhys Li - Coaching

I know and relate to the insecurities that arise in our professional and personal lives 

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This can make it very challenging to feel your best and to make inner-directed choices. As a result, feelings of doubt about how to take confident steps that allow you to make the most of your personal cultural experience. As a trained coach and a Third Culture Individual, I can help you get the insights and clarity you need to start your transformational journey.

I’ve created an approach that has helped me handle the differences through effective communication, eliminating the negative thoughts, and most importantly created a sense of belonging.

My coaching will help save you time and adjusting so you can get to your successes quicker. 


If you’re frustrated because time is limited and you simply need support from someone who understands you, let’s work together.

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I provide personal coaching to weed through communication and negative emotions, so you can grow and succeed.


Because there’s not enough time to learn all of this on your own.

I help International Professionals and Third Culture Individuals to overcome the challenges of making friends (or in relationships) and business connections, becoming valued and accepted for what makes you different, navigating cultural differences with more ease (and less stress), while creating a sense of home, wherever you are.

I am a trained and certified transformation life coach. My specialty is coaching cultural challenges faced in personal (relationships) or work life. I don’t only rely on my own experience for my approach to this work. I've obtained my bachelors' degree from Queens College in New York City. I also have an Executive MBA in leadership and personal development (from the Netherlands), trained in organizational coaching at HEC Paris. 

Ways to work with me

1-on-1 Coaching

You have a specific topic to be coached on? Then 1-on-1 coaching is your option. Our coaching session will run for about 60 minutes and will focus on the topic of your choice.

We will begin with a FREE 30 minutes initial session. Want to give it a try? Simply click 'Apply Now' below and fill out the form and I'll get back to you. Although I'm based in Amsterdam, my service extends to globally located individuals virtually.

Price: USD $95 / EUR €80 per session.


I offer different payment packages for my 1-on-1 coaching. Please contact me for more information.

My Signature Program

If this sounds like you:

The cultural difference/conflict caused you to build a wall around yourself

You've feel like you don't fit in

There's so much misunderstanding between you and the other due to this culture difference

You've developed an unhealthy/negative emotions that is preventing you to socialize

You get agitated when you have to speak or deal with the person

You're facing culture challenges and conflict in your love and relationship

This might be for you:

Cultural Communication