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Rhys Li - Coaching


Cultural Communication

Successful Communication (with a personal touch)!

Personal coaching to get you through cultural differences

Feel a sense of belonging, improve working relationships, and understand and embrace cultures.

Hey International Professional!

You’ve been to several countries and you feel like a part of every place you’ve been to. BUT now you’re faced with a challenge in cultural differences in your personal or professional life.

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You Might be feeling:

  • confused because you’re not sure how to act

  • behave or even communicate

  • mistrust and misunderstanding

  • loneliness and you begin to build a wall around you

  • your love relationship seems to diminish because of the differences

  • your leadership style isn't working as you hoped

  • starting to isolate yourself from others and you’re confused about your role

You want to have:

  • good working relationships with your colleagues 

  • a balance where you can embrace their culture and have them understand yours

  • a community of belonging and acceptance 

  • your voice heard

  • an understanding of why you react in a certain way

  • the ability to adapt but still remain yourself

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You may have tried to:

  • Learn their language

  • Read about their culture

  • Take a course on culture

  • Read self-help books

  • Express yourself


Rhys Li Coaching

It didn’t work! 

Learning a language takes too much time and it really doesn’t help with communication when you’re dealing with personalities. The time to complete a  course on culture or communication might be shorter but the result was that it was more on an organizational level, meaning there was no true personal touch. Everyone is different and every situation is different. AND It's hard to work on yourself and face your own issues. Unfortunately, it is easier to NOT work on yourself and just blame it on others.

If you go about it alone, there’s a high probability you’ll give up. More importantly, it will feel like it's recurring and you’ll continue to feel lonely and lose all your confidence. 

Rhys Li Coaching

Hi I'm Rhys!

I help individuals who feel challenged in a cross-cultural environment. I come from a very multi-cultural background. I was born in India but I am not Indian by blood. My ancestry is Burmese and Chinese. I grew up in Queens, New York, the melting pot, where diversity is the culture. Currently, I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and I’m married to a French lady.

What a confusing story?

Well, this is what brought success. I’ve definitely felt your pain and challenges in my life, one way or another. I’ve learned to manage through the challenge and with my experiences, I’ve developed The Cultural Connection program to speed you through what I’ve learned in my lifetime (40+ years). 

Why Me?

I’ve worked with several individuals with cultural challenges - either they relocated to another country for work or they have to manage an international team.


They’ve struggled to find their place and worth. I’m here to help you build a solid foundation and work-style that is uniquely best for you. The Cultural Connection program is a personalized program to help you weed through the cultural challenges, not just for the short term but in the long run so that you can also discover the ‘problem’ and opportunities. 

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Rhys Li Coaching

Beatriz A., New York City

Before working with Rhys, I was feeling overwhelmed and unclear about my goals for 2021, especially with my professional life. After working with Rhys, I had seen a shift in my energy and motivation when it comes to cultural differences that I faced. With his personal care, I now feel much more focused and clear on what my true goals are and how to tackle them.  His coaching style is very authentic and holistic. He helped me see things in a light that I have otherwise would've not seen.  I highly recommend Rhys if you are looking for a truly great coaching experience.

Cultural Connection Program

The Cultural Connection program is all about YOU

A short 4 weeks 1:1 coaching to help you:

Get clarity on what is working, and why certain things aren’t working when it comes to communicating with a person from another culture

Find your individual, energetic self so you can break down that wall you’ve built up and strengthen your confidence to speak up

Identify the first practical, real communication steps toward creating a HOME in your new environment that plays to your strengths and purpose

You want an action plan that will set you up for both professional and personal success;

You are ready to invest in yourself and to make the positive change you deserve.

In our 4 weeks of one-on-one together, you’ll get:

  • A detailed ‘getting to know you’ form to fill out before we begin.

  • Four, 60 minutes 1:1 session with me (that’s one per week!) - $380 value.

  • An energetic assessment with a complimentary 90 mins 1:1 feedback - $200 value.

  • Weekly worksheets to help you along the way (from understanding yourself to staying resilient in challenging times) - $75 value.

  • In-between sessions support via email & virtual calls - $190 value.

  • Lessons learned can be applied to other life areas, not just on inter-cultural aspect - invaluable.

Total time commitment: 1 hour per week

Total value: USD $845

Total cost of the program: USD $295 



Click here to start...

Week by Week: What this program looks like in REAL life

The program is created for the busy minded professionals.

Week 01

  • Our work together starts with you answering a few pre-session questions in the “getting to know you” form.

  • Identify the challenges that are blocking you from success in the cultural world.

Week 03

  • This is mindset week: we'll go over anything that is coming up for you as you work through the weeks.

  • Begin to explore how these challenges may have shifted your thoughts and mindset you may have. 

Week 02

  • Understand Self (and how you can impact others and the way you communicate).
  • Debrief on assignment and assessment will be discussed.

Week 04

  • Create ways to have effective communication and attitude

  • Build Courage

  • Develop habits to speak up

  • Create new imprints

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My clients found success in the program when ...

  • Are ready to invest in yourself (that’s 1 hour a week for 4 weeks).

  • Want a personal program to help you have a successful path in an intercultural environment.

  • Tried almost everything and nothing has satisfied you to your goal.

  • Want to understand themselves and others better.

  • They're interested in personal development and are ready to go deep, they're also creating a new identity for themselves as an International Professional and Third Culture Individual and that takes REAL WORK.

This program may not work for you if you ...

  • Expect a cultural course (learn about general cultural topics).

  • Want ways to learn a foreign language.

  • Are not ready to commit to 1 hour a week.

Rhys Li Coaching

If you desire to dive deeper into what matters to you in your life, your values and how to not only have a list of values to lean on, but to actually live according to your values and how to get things done that matter to you, Rhys is a great coach to help you with just that. You will leave the sessions feeling excited about living your values and accomplishing those things that truly matter to you.

Aura J., Finland

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How do I get started?

In-person session if you're in Amsterdam. Otherwise all sessions can be done virtually.

First, fill out the form. I'll review your application.

Next, we'll schedule a chemistry session upon approval.

Finally, we'll start start with Week 1 of the program.