Frequently asked questions

Do I need coaching?

Firstly, coaching isn't for everyone. You may not even need it. The question is do you want it. Many of us will reach a crossroad, one way or another, in life. The cross road offers us opportunities with various ramifications. The crossroad indicates a critical point in our evolution and these ramifications can be:​ - being overwhelmed, stress or anxiety - conflicts (within ourself) or with others - the feeling that you are lost or in need of guidance and direction - lack of confidence - in a work environment, not being effective as a leader or confusion about how to build trust So, the question is are you ready for the change you seek?

What is coaching?

Coaching focuses on the possibilities and not your past mistakes. Coaching is all about a journey and nothing about instructions. Coaching delivers results in large measure because of the powerful working relationship created.

What is the difference between individual coaching and someone working at a company? Is that organizational coaching?

Great question! Individual coaching focuses on the person who requested for coaching. The methods applied to the individual is personalized. The goals and objectives will be set by the individual. There will be situations where an organization will request for coaching for specific individuals related to work performance, etc. Thereby becoming a sponsor for the coaching process of the individual. An organization may also request coaching for the company, as a whole. The overall objective is focused on the company's mission and vision.

How long is a session?

Individual coaching session is approximately 60 minutes. For length of a program, please refer to From Victor To Victim Program for program details and number of sessions.

Great, how do I get started with the From Victim to Victor Program?

Simply click on "Apply Now" and follow the instructions. I will review your application and connect back to schedule an appointment.

How are the sessions given?

If you are based in Amsterdam or Paris, sessions can be done in person or virtual. Sessions for all other geographic locations are done virtually.

I purchased the Laser Focused Assessment, now what?

Firstly, thank you for purchasing. After payment has been processed, I will reach out to you via email to provide further instructions on completing the assessment and set up a convienient time for you to have the debrief. The email address that you have in your Paypal account is what I will use to communicate. Otherwise, please send me your contact information to rhys@successyourlife.com and I will verify your purchase and reach out to you for further instructions.

How does the process work?

At the conclusion of each session you will receive assignments to complete prior to the next session. When we connect for our session, we will debrief on the assignment you did from the week prior. You will set the agenda by sharing what goal you would like to meet that session and I will coach you towards reaching that goal.

I am interested in the Organizational Coaching. How do I proceed?

You can click on the CONTACT me and leave a message. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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