I support high-achievers to bridge their values with their purpose

I Understand

When I started my career at one of the Big 4 accounting firm, I thought I'd be on top of the world! 


I have checked off all the right boxes. I was the first in the family to graduate from college, the first to get a decent corporate job at a reputable consulting firm, I was promoted along my tenure in the consulting firm to a good position. Everything on paper, spelled success!

As I moved up the corporate ladder, I was feeling the strain on my life and career, not just from working the long hours but I felt that my life goal was shifting away. I felt perpetually exhausted, pressured, and at times, I felt lost at work (I couldn't prioritize my work as I felt overwhelmed). I also felt that I lost control of my staff because I was not showing up as a leader

The Turning Point

One day I broke down and decided to hire a professional coach to help me find myself. and to become a better leader. The coaching sessions helped me realize that the successes I was living were not my own, I was living someone else’s success. Everything I had going for me didn't resonate with me.


My values in life and work were not aligned with my purpose in life. My self awareness occurred when I was able to realign my core values and eventually found myself.


I have always wanted to help others, I want to share my path to success with you so that you can optimize your potential.  This has led me to launching my coaching business where I help individuals like myself, high achieving mid level professionals who are struggling with the

challenges from their work and life. I am here to support you so that you don’t have to wait out 18 years to find yourself, like I have.

I am a Certified Professional Coach and certified in Transactional Analysis 101.  In 2019, I received an Executive MBA (specializing in leadership) from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, in the Netherlands.  Together with my leadership education and coaching experiences,  I am equipped with the right set of tools to support you through your journey to optimize your leadership potential. 



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