About Rhys

Former finance consultant, turned coach and now living for myself

Based in Amsterdam, grew up in New York City, born in India, serving all citizens of the world

Help others to find, to become, and to remain themselves, especially those who feel their voices are not being heard

My mission is to help individuals transition from "I can't" to "I can"

Especially for individuals faced with challenges in a multicultural environment. My passion is to support individuals who want to breakthrough their limitations so they can create limitless opportunities and lead with purpose in a multicultural world. I strongly believe that this is possible and that is achievable for everyone to create choices that will serve them.

In recent years, I have helped individuals and organizations find their purpose.

Hey, I'm Rhys, born in India, grew up in New York City and currently living in Amsterdam. Over the years, I have developed an excessive interest in interculture and our behavioral reaction to external stressors. 

I began my own transformational life journey about 12 years ago. I wasn’t feeling fulfilled and the world that I knew (both in life and work) seem to be crashing down. Although I practiced meditation and tried to live both purposefully and passionately, I was not empowering my own self-beliefs. My ‘self-care’ at the time was inconsistent and effort was too little. Like anyone else looking to make big changes, I was uncertain about everything. I had a difficult time believing I could make a difference. Most importantly, I was full of fear. I was putting in 60+ hours a week at work and also trying to satisfy other people's needs. 

It was at this point in my life when I could clearly see that all my decisions were leading me down a path where I didn’t want to go. I resigned from my job and decided to do things that I wanted to do. I felt compelled to make long-term and positive changes that would help guide me to the next phase of my life. This led me to discover myself and learned to listen to my heart and to take care of my mind and body. Most importantly, I learned to follow my intuition. 

I want to share my story so you know you are not alone.

By sharing my story, I hope to inspire and motivate as many people as possible to create choices for themselves. 

I believe that deep down every person knows what he/she needs. However, in the process of growing up, we unlearn ourselves and create fears. We all want to be appreciated but when we feel lost, we tend to seek this appreciation from the outside world. We alienate our true purpose from ourselves. My own transformational journey forced me to deal with my fears and develop a method of ‘self-care'. I began to lead my life from my heart instead of from expectations. 


I am here to compassionately guide my clients to investigate and understand all of the fear, confusion, and challenges they face in a multiculture environment. I aim to help them see that they can feel optimistic about moving forward while embracing the fear and change.

Finally, my work doesn't stop with the individual. As we are all social beings by nature, my journey also focused on group interaction within an organizational setting. My interest in learning about interculture and human behaviors lead me to also coach organizations to create their own boundaries to guide them to success. 

I am an ICF certified coach with an Executive MBA in leadership and an accredited 'coach of organization' from HEC Paris. I was personally trained by Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, PhD, MCC (Founder of MMS Institute and described as the Mother of Coaching) and Lynn U. Stewart, MCC.


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"Thank you very much for your coaching Rhys, it has been more than helpful for me to find the key elements you made me discover through your questions. I feel more settled in myself and more safe about the future. You are an amazing coach and I have really enjoyed the way you coach."

- Aude G., Business Owner

Random Facts About Rhys

  • I grew up in a very multicultural environment: born in India of Asian heritage, grew up in New York City, currently living in Amsterdam and married to a wonderful French lady.

  • I am a foodie. Wherever I travel to, I always sign up for a local cooking class.

  • I am known to always have a smile. My local butcher nicknamed me 'Smiley'.

  • I believe in having an organized home for positive energy flow.

  • I am learning French and Dutch at the same time.

  • My life philosophy is "We should never stop learning." It could be learning new a recipe for a delicious dish, a new foreign language or even learning something about yourself.

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