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I support high-achievers to bridge their values with their purpose

Throughout my life I've heard the following, "the biggest investment you make in life is the mortgage for your house and your car".  While that may be true, it is a big investment but what people forget is to achieve these life milestones, one must invest in themselves first. This IS the BIGGEST investment you can make in your life. The more you invest in yourself, the more you feel alive and the more you'll manifest your goals

I Understand

When I started my career at one of the Big 4 accounting firms, I thought I was on top of the world! 


I checked off all the right boxes. I was the first in the family to graduate from college, the first to get a decent corporate job at a reputable consulting firm, I was promoted along my tenure in the consulting firm to a good position. Everything on paper, spelled success!

As I moved up the corporate ladder, I was feeling the strain on my life and career, not just from working the long hours but I felt that my life goal was shifting away. I felt perpetually exhausted, pressured, and at times, I felt lost at work (I couldn't prioritize my work as I felt overwhelmed). I also felt that I lost control of my staff because I was not showing up as a leader. 

The Turning Point

All the success didn't resonate with me. I felt that I was living someone else’s success. Everything I had going for me didn't feel authentic.

My values in life and in my work life were not aligned with my purpose in life. My self awareness occurred when I was able to realign my core values and eventually found myself.


My passion has always been to help others to find their success. I want to share my path to success with you so that you can optimize your potential.  This has led me to start my coaching business where I help individuals like myself, high achieving, mid level professionals who are struggling with the challenges from work and life. Going alone can seem like a daunting task. As a certified professional coach and with an Executive MBA, I am here to support you so that you don’t have to wait out 18 years to find your way and yourself, like I have. 

Random Facts About Me

  • I grew up in a very multi-cultural environment (born in India of Asian heritage, grew up in New York City, currently living in Amsterdam and married to a wonderful French lady).

  • I am a foodie. Wherever I travel to, I always sign up to a local cooking class.

  • I am known to always have a smile. My local butcher nicknamed me 'smiley'.

  • I believe in having an organized home for positive energy flow.

  • I speak English fluently but I can understand basic French and Dutch.

  • My life philosophy is, we should never stop learning. It could be learning new recipe for a delicious dish, foreign languages or even learning about yourself.


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