If you’re facing communication and cultural challenges in your personal and professional life and you want to 

feel understood, heard, and have better relationships 


You might be feeling...

Frustrated that things aren’t going as you imagined, at work or in your personal relationship. This could bring out your negative side and at the same time put you in a place where you feel loneliness because now there’s a wall you built around you. 

Hey, I’m Rhys!

As a coach, I have helped individuals overcome fear of public speaking, relationship challenges, confidence issues so that they can face any challenge, gain clarity on health and financial hurdles, and decision making. As a certified coach and a member of ICF and SIETAR, I am equipped with the right knowledge and tools to guide you.

My age is 43 but I feel like I am 30 years young. I help Individuals in a multicultural world to navigate through challenges so they can be understood, and a sense of belonging without going through additional frustration.


Working in an international consulting firm for 15+ years and growing up as a Third Culture Individual, I’ve had fears that kept me from my successes. I, too, went through self help books and tried to learn languages to try to fit in. BUT the self help books provided general guidance and what I needed was a personal guidance and help. Growing up in New York City also contributed to my experience and success that I bring to my coaching style and approach. 

Rhys Li - Coaching



"You will leave Rhys' coaching sessions feeling excited about living your values and accomplishing those things that truly matter to you."


—  Aura J., Coach & Business Owner

How coaching can help?

Change is inevitable in life, it will impact the way we feel, and our perceptions in life. In these complex times, we are bombarded with many stimuli, mix it with a multi-cultural world, confusion, doubt, uncertainty, and certain amount of anxiety will be present and take control of our thoughts and life. A coach can help you make inner-directed choices to reduce stress and produce more satisfaction and fulfillment. Coaching will help you to focus on the possibilities and not your past mistakes. Just as a sports coach can bring the best out of an athlete, a life coach can help you to be at your optimal level in life. Coaching is all about a journey and nothing about instructions. Coaching delivers results in large measure because of the powerful working relationship created. 

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